Grundfos DDA (S)-FCM Smart Digital Speed Controlled Diaphragm Dosing Pump

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Grundfos DDA (S)-FCM Smart Digital Speed Controlled Diaphragm Dosing Pump

The SMART Digital DDA is a compact positive displacement, diaphragm dosing pump with variable-speed drive (stepper motor) and intelligent control electronics with minimum energy consumption. The SMART Digital Dosing series operates at full stroke length to ensure optimum accuracy, priming and suction, even for high-viscosity or degassing liquids. The duration of each discharge stroke varies according to the capacity set, resulting in optimum smooth and continuous discharge flow. The click-stop mounting plate allows installation in three different positions without using any additional accessories. The control cube can be turned easily into front, left or right position. The click wheel and the multi-coloured backlit graphical, plain-text LC display make commissioning and operation intuitive. The control elements are protected by a transparent cover.

The sensor-based FlowControl (FC) system detects malfunctions directly in the dosing head and displays them in plain text in the alarm menu, e.g. air bubbles, line burst, overpressure. The integrated flow measurement function (only FCM) measures the actual flow and makes additional monitoring and control equipment redundant (accuracy of ± 1,5 % of set value in case of trouble-free process). The measured flow is displayed and can be integrated in the process control, e.g. SCADA. Furthermore, the AutoFlowAdapt function (only FCM) automatically adjusts the pump speed according to the process conditions to maintain target flow even at e.g. varying backpressure or air bubbles foaming (degassing drive strategy).


  • Long lifetime and universal, chemically resistant full-PTFE diaphragm.
  • Double ball valves for highest dosing accuracy.
  • Deaeration valve for easy start-up.
  • Pressure sensor.
  • Manual dosing in ml/h, I/h or gph.
  • Pulse control in ml/pulse (incl. memory function).
  • Analog control 0/4-20 mA (scalable).
  • Pulse-based batch function in ml, l or gal.
  • Timer-based batch function (Dosing timer, cycle or week).
  • Fieldbus control (Genibus prepared for ProfibusDP E-box).
  • Auto deaeration during pump standby to avoid breakdowns due to air-locking.
  • Two SlowMode steps (anti-cavitation), 50 % (maximum flow: 3.75 l/h) and 25 % (maximum flow
  • Service information display to show when service and which wear-part order number is required.
  • Two-step key lock function to protect the pump against unauthorised access.
  • Additional display function to provide further information, e.g. the actual mA input signal.
  • Counter for total dosed volume (resettable), operating hours, etc.
  • Save and load customised settings as well as reload of factory settings.
  • Input for pulse, analog 0/4-20mA, external stop.
  • Input for low-level and empty-tank signal.
  • Two potential-free output relays for max. 30 V AC/DC (configurable, e.g. alarm, stroke signal, pump dosing, timer etc.)
  • Output analog 0/4-20mA.
  • Fieldbus communication interface (GeniBus, also for additional Profibus DP E-box to retrofit).

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