The Wellmaster range is the Flexible Rising Main System for all groundwater extraction and well-monitoring operations.


Its simplicity of installation makes Wellmaster the cost-effective alternative to a rigid pipe.


Wellmaster is manufactured from high-tenacity synthetic yarns, circular woven, and totally encapsulated in a tough elastomeric polyurethane lining and cover. The riser has an
integral textile reinforced rib for the location of the power cable strapping system. The larger sizes have two ribs.


• Regulation 31 UK Drinking Water Inspectorate
• Regulation 27 Drinking Water Scotland
• Total corrosion, microbiological, and internal scaling resistance
• Long operational life with a 10-year warranty*
• High abrasion-resistant lining and cover
• Superior hydraulic performance with low friction loss for a reduced operating cost
• Rapid installation and retrieval resulting in substantial labor and cost savings
• Available with a range of reusable field-fittable high-security 316 stainless steel couplings and a full range of other accessories.
• Diameters from 38mm – 200mm
• Range includes WM150, WM250 and WM400
• Manufactured under Angus Flexible Pipelines ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems accreditation
• Angus Environmental Management System complies with ISO 14001


Wellmaster’s performance is proven over thirty years in over 70,000 installations.




Suitable for all types of groundwater extraction and well-monitoring operations.

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