Grundfos Steel Pressure Tanks

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The GT pressure tanks for cold-water applications are longlife tanks for both domestic and industrial applications. The GT tank ensures controlled pressure in your water supply. The result of this is better comfort in your installation by limiting the start / stop frequency of your pump, compensation for pressure drops and eliminating water hammer in pipework. GT tanks can be integrated in many different installations with a wide variety of pumps. Grundfos offers a large range of tank types and sizes, ensuring the best possible tank for your installation.

The GT-H tanks are steel pressure tanks with a non-toxic butyl rubber diaphragm with a precision-moulded polypropylene liner for superior air and water separation. Recommend application: Drinking water.

The Grundfos Steel Pressure Tanks come factory pre-charged 10 bar= 1.9 bar (pre-charge) / 16 bar = 4 bar

  • GT-H – Single Diaphragm
  • GT-D – Double Diaphragm
  • GT-U – Replaceable Diaphragm


  • Wide range of GT tanks – The GT tanks are available in sizes from 8 to 5,000 litres, suitable for vertical installation. GT tanks in sizes 24 to 80 litres are also suitable for horizontal installation.
  • Approved for drinking water – The Grundfos GT tanks are approved for use with drinking water.
  • Reducing start / stop frequency – The GT tanks ensure controlled pressure in the water supply and thereby limit the switching frequency of the pump incase of low water consumption or leakage loss.
  • Optimise comfort – The GT tanks increases system comfort by compensating for pressure drops when a tap is opened and reduces problems with water hammer in the pipework


Model NumberModel Name
‘97550912GT-H-2 PN10 G1 V (2L 1000kPa)
‘96526321GT-H-8 PN10 G1 V (8L 1000 kPa)
‘96528337GT-H-18 PN10 G1 V (18L 1000kPa)
‘96528358GT-H-18 PN16 G1 V (18L 1600kPa)
‘96528341GT-H-60 PN10 G1 V (60L 1000kPa)
‘96894291GT-H-80 PN10 G1 V (80L 1000kPa)
‘96528363GT-H-80 PN16 G1 V (80L 1600kPa)
‘97527968GT-H-100 PN10 G1 V (100L 1000kPa)
‘96528344GT-D-130 PN10 G1 V (130L 1000kPa)
‘97792897GT-D-200 PN10 G1 1/4 V (200L 1000kPa)
‘96603413GT-U-200 PN16 G11/4 V (200L 1600 kPa)
‘96528346GT-D-240 PN10 G1 1/4 V (240L 1000kPa)
‘96528347GT-D-300 PN10 G11/4 V (300L 1000kPa)
‘96528348GT-D-450 PN10 G1 1/4 V (450L 1000kPa)
‘98692584UMB-100LV PN25 G1 V (100L 2500kPa)

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