Grundfos Dosing Pump Installation Kit (SUIT DDE / DDA-XL, DME 375)

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Grundfos Dosing Pump Installation Kit for Large Dosing Pumps (SUIT DDE / DDA-XL, DME 375)


  • Includes foot valve/strainer PE material
  • Injection valve 1″ BSP thread (DD 60 kits 1/2″ BSP)
  • Choose NL kits for B version pumps and 2L kits for PR, AR or FCM pumps
  • DDA/DDE 60-10 kits can use G5/8 PRV/PLV’s. DME 375 kits can use G5/4 PRV/PLV’s
  • DDA/DDE 200 and DME 375 2L kits contain RSL: 690mm. All other kits contain flexible foot valves
ModelTube Connection (mm)Part No.Inj. BodyMaterials O-RingBall
INSTALL KIT DD_ 60-10 PVC/T/C-9/12MM-NL9/1299318752PVCTeflonCeramic
INSTALL KIT DD_ 60-10 PVC/T/C-9/12MM-2L9/1299318773PVCTeflonCeramic
INSTALL KIT DD_ 200 PVC/T/C-19/27MM-NL19/2799318774PVCTeflonCeramic
INSTALL KIT DD_ 200 PVC/T/C-19/27MM-2L19/2799318775PVCTeflonCeramic
INSTALL KIT DME 375 PVC/T/C-19/27MM-NL19/2799318776PVCTeflonCeramic
INSTALL KIT DME 375 PVC/T/C-19/27MM-2L19/2799318777PVCTeflonCeramic

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