Grundfos Dosing Pump Installation Kit (SUIT DDE / DDA S)

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Grundfos Dosing Pump Installation Kit for Small Dosing (SUIT DDE / DDA S) 

Installation kit for easy installation of the dosing pump.

  • Installation kits are a quick selection of basic dosing accessories
  • Kits include a foot valve, injection valve, 6 m of opaque PE discharge tube and 2m of PVC suction and bleed tube
  • They are offered as an economical selection tool, but may not be the best materials selection for every application
  • Customers should consider chemical and environmental needs before choosing an install kit
  • Install kit descriptions indicate tube size
  • NL = Foot valve with no level sensors
  • 2L = foot valve with low and empty level senors
  • Choose NL kits for B version pumps and 2L kits for PR, AR or FCM pumps
  • Materials listed below refer to the Injection Valve body / O’Rings / Valve Balls
  • For further information see Install kits for G5/8 product information pages in the Grundfos dosing accessories data book in Grundfos Product Center (GPC)

ModelTube Connection (mm)Part No.Inj. BodyMaterials O-RingBall
Install. Kit I005 PVC / T / C-6/9 mm-NL6/995730452PVCTeflonCeramic
Install. Kit I005 PV/T/C-6/9 mm-NL6/995730455PVDFTeflonCeramic
Install. Kit I002 PVC / T / C-9/12 mm-NL9/1295730460PVCTeflonCeramic
Install. Kit I002 PV/T/C-9/12 mm-NL9/1295730463PVDFTeflonCeramic
Install. Kit I015 PVC / T / C-6/9 mm-2L6/995730476PVCTeflonCeramic
Install. Kit I015 PV/T/C-6/9 mm-2L6/995730479PVDFTeflonCeramic
Install. Kit I012 PVC / T / C-9/12 mm-2L9/1295730484PVCTeflonCeramic
Install. Kit I012 PV/T/C-9/12 mm-2L9/1295730487PVDFTeflonCeramic

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