Grundfos CU300 Controller for Communication with SQE Pumps

Product Code: 96422775

Grundfos CU300 Controller for Communication with SQE Pumps – Grundfos Go Required

CU 300 are designed for communication, monitoring and control of SQE submersible pumps in various applications. The Grundfos CU 300 is a control and communication unit especially developed for the SQE submersible pumps in various applications.

The CU 300 provide full control of the SQE pumps and is ideal for applications where a constant water table, manual speed control or emptying or filling of a tank is needed.

The CU 300 incorporates external signal input for two analog sensors and one digital sensor, relay outputs for external alarm indication and control according to the signals received, for example of flow, pressure, water level and conductivity.

The  allows the use of Wireless infra-red remote control by means of Grundfos GO enables change of factory settings and monitoring of the installation by calling up actual operating data,

The CU 300 enables:

  • Easy adjustment to a specific borehole.
  • Two-way communication with the SQE pumps.
  • Alarm indication of pump operation by diodes on the front.
  • Possibility of starting, stopping and resetting the pump simply by means of a push-button.

The CU 300 communicates with the pump via mains-borne signaling (Power Line Communication), meaning that no extra cables are required between the CU 300 and the pump.

The CU 300 indicates the following alarms:

  • No contact,
  • Overvoltage,
  • Undervoltage,
  • Dry running,
  • Speed reduction,
  • Overtemperature,
  • Overload,
  • Sensor alarm.

The CU 300 receives alarm signals from the motor for the following parameters:

  • Dry running.
  • Incipient pump/motor defect.
  • Too high temperature in motor electronics.
  • Supply failure.

As standard, the CU 300 incorporates an alarm signal relay.

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