Grundfos SQE7: 3″ Submersible Bore Pumps with VSD

Product Code: Grundfos SQE7: 3" Submersible Bore Pumps with VSD


SQE pumps are designed for pumping clean, non-aggressive and non-explosive liquids, not containing solid particles or fibres. Equipped with a high efficiency motor with      permanent magnets, they also incorporate a frequency inverter to ensure constant pressure operation. For variable speed operation SQE pumps require a CU300 or CU301, pressure transducer and a pressure tank. CU301 is easy to use with Up/Down arrows to control pressure. CU300 is advanced control requiring a GrundfosGO. SQE pumps are suitable for both continuous and intermittent operation for a variety of applications: domestic water supply, small waterworks, irrigation, tank applications or pressure boosting.


Pumps with high efficiency motor and integrated protection against :
• Dry running (automatic restart every 5 minutes)
• Overvoltage and undervoltage, cuts out below 150 Volt and above 315 Volt (up to 6000 Volt)
• Overtemperature
• Overload


Liquid temperature : +2°C to +35°C (+40°C when flow past motor > 0.15 m/sec)
pH : 5 to 9
Starting method : Integrated soft start for all SQE pumps except when integrating CU300/CU301 for variable speed
Mains supply : 1 x 200-240 Volt – 10 %/+ 6 % 50/60 Hz
Complete pump material : Stainless steel AISI 316
Minimum borehole diameter : Min. 76 mm
Installation depth : Max. 150 m



96160465Grundfos SQEN7-15 N – 0.7 Kw
96160466Grundfos SQEN7-30 N – 1.15 Kw
96160467Grundfos SQEN7-40 N – 1.68 Kw
96160468Grundfos SQEN7-55 N – 1.85 Kw


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