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Sewage Waste Pump Systems

Waste water & sewage pump systems for domestic, commercial and industrial sectors

Australian homes and businesses are incomplete without a drainage system for sewage. In areas with high water levels in winter and dry weather in summer, there will always be some sort of drainage problem because of excess water due to high rainfalls. In addition, we tend to overwater our dehydrated gardens and farms in the hot months. This is why you should not skimp on a sewage pump – raw sewage floating around poses health risks and stinks up the entire neighbourhood.

How does a waste pump work?

The system is designed to move grime such as leaves, general dirt and water between locations, with the waste pump usually sitting at the bottom of a sewage pit. Sewage pumps are categorised according to horsepower and can be either single phase or three phase. The size of your waste pump is based on the amount of sewage that needs to be transported, how high and how far the waste must travel.

A sewage drain works by diverting excess water and dirt from your lawn or farm into a storage basin. The process prevents erosion, water collection and dirt build up on the surface. No matter where the excess water comes from, be it from your sprinkler system or he rain, it is essential that you implement a method to remove this water to avoid soil erosion and to prevent damage to your plant life.


At Foundation Pumps, we supply a variety of pump systems to suit specific requirements. Whether you need to drain a large or small area, we will have the ideal pump system for you.

Why choose our drainage pumps?

We don’t simply see ourselves as water pump suppliers. We provide a comprehensive service, which includes educated advice, excellent products, after-sales support, maintenance and repairs. The products we supply are sourced from trusted manufacturers with reputable names. We are proud to put our names on these sewage pumps because they are robust and reliable. Manufactured from tough materials, the pumps are durable and designed to withstand ground pressure and harsh weather.

Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose products that suit your sewage removal needs. We will assist you in choosing a sewage pump to suit your needs.

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