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Vertical Multistage Pumps

Commercial & Residential Vertical Multistage Water Pump Suppliers

Foundation Pump Services supplies a range of vertical multistage pumps to the commercial and residential sectors. Centrifugal pumps are the most common pumps in use today. They are used to transfer low viscosity fluids, through a system of pipes using a stage-system designed for the efficient transfer of these liquids. Vertical multistage pumps provide high pressure pumping but require very little operating space. A centrifugal pump containing two or more impellers is called a multistage centrifugal pump.

A vertical multistage pump is a specialised pump most often used for boosting pressure rates when a high flow rate is required. They are versatile and suitable for large irrigation systems, water transfer and pressure boosting. These water pumps come in variable speeds allowing one pump to perform multiple duties. They are popular in mining camps and for commercial irrigation systems – perfect for Western Australia.

In addition, these pumps can be used in hotels, residential complexes, pressure booster stations, and they are ideal for industrial water supply.

At Foundation Pumps, we have a proven track record with supplying high quality vertical multistage pumps. We stock a range of these pumps and supply repairs and services to an industry that relies heavily on quality for safety, efficiency and longevity.

Additional uses for a vertical multi stage pump:

  • Washing systems
  • Boilers, refrigerators & temperature control systems
  • Agricultural irrigation, green houses and sprinkler systems
  • Water treatment
  • Petroleum and petrochemical pumping.

For more information on our range of vertical multi stage centrifugal pumps, contact us at Foundation Pumps, we are happy to send over an experienced specialist to assess your needs and suggest a workable and cost-effective solution to suit your exact requirements.