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Solar Powered Water Pumps

Australia wide suppliers of Solar Powered Water Pumps

Foundation Pump Services supplies excellent quality solar water pumps to the commercial, residential and industrial sectors. As one of Western Australia’s largest distributors of well-established products, we also provide an efficient support and repairs service. If you are interested in changing your water pump system to a solar powered one contact us.

Benefits of installing a solar water pump

Solar power is a great benefit to any home or business – it operates efficiently, is safer, costs less money and contributes to the fight against global warming. Sun and water are two natural elements that we all need to survive, which is why it makes perfect sense to get your water harnessing the sun’s power. Running water throughout your home uses the most power, meaning you save money with a solar powered water system. You will notice a drastic decrease in your electricity bill and you won’t have to worry about switching off plugs around your home to limit your power usage.

Using wind, water or the sun’s energy is becoming increasingly popular for homes and businesses. By installing a solar powered water pump, you will be doing your part to combat global warming. Once your solar water pump is installed, you will reduce your carbon footprint instantly, which has a positive effect on the global environment.

The solar pumps we supply do not require bright sunshine. It operates perfectly all year round as it receives energy even in low light conditions, like cloud cover. Just be sure to mention this to the installer. We have relied on electricity for decades and we’ve always known it to be the most reliable form of power. With the increasing popularity of renewable energy power options, solar powered pumps are designed and manufactured to be more reliable than wind turbines or hydropower. Solar panels convert light efficiently and are designed to withstand tough weather conditions. This makes using solar powered water pumps to transfer water easy, reliable and it requires minimal maintenance, making it the ideal option for homes and businesses across Australia.

How does a solar water pump work?

The solar grid, called photovoltaic panels, is installed at your home or premises where it is most exposed to the sun. The energy is transferred to the controller that physically pumps water to where you need it. A solar powered water pump system can be used to produce the water you use in your home, water for irrigation or for farming purposes. Solar water pumps are able to lift water to great heights, meaning these pumps are also suitable for water transfers, like from a dam to a storage tank or for stock watering.

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