The Benefits of Solar Pumps

With the current focus on renewable energy, it makes sense to harness the power of the sun to run a submersible solar water pump. These pumps are usually submerged in a dam or in a borehole. They are attached to an array, which is a system of posts to which the solar panels are attached. The array is positioned in such a way as to maximise the amount of sun falling on them. Using a Solar Pump System eliminates the need to bring electrical power to the sight(which is a very costly process)or to install a generator at the site.

The Benefits of Various Water Pumps

Water pumps are more than just a simple piece of equipment that you pick up at the hardware store. An integral part of any property or business, large and small, the various water pumps offer a host of advantages if you know what you are getting. Continue reading

The History of Pumps

This blog looks at how pump technology has developed since the time of antiquity right through to today. It specifically focuses on the leaps forward in hydraulic technology by the ancient Greeks and thinkers during the enlightenment. Continue reading